What kind of foundation and preparation do you need to learn Python with zero foundation?

What kind of foundation and preparation do you need to learn Python with zero foundation?

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For students who wish to learn Python by themselves, they can conduct a self-assessment of their knowledge structure and future career plans before starting to learn. If the evaluation results are good, getting started with Python will not be as difficult as imagined. Stop talking and get to the point! The author believes that students who are suitable for learning Python should have the following key qualities:

1. Have strong logical thinking ability

Yes, the learning of almost all programming languages ​​is inseparable from a strong logical thinking ability, because a programming language is a dialogue between humans and computers, any ambiguity and errors will affect the final operating effect;

2. Have a strong professional background in mathematics and physics

The most ideal majors for learning Python are mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science and other majors, because the objects operated by the Python language are likely to be big data collection and analysis, as well as the field of AI development. Development has a good advantage;

3. Have rich experience in operation and maintenance

Perhaps many students who study computer have engaged in server and back-end management operation and maintenance work after graduation. This has both advantages and disadvantages. The so-called advantage is that you have ready-made products in front of you. You will have a better understanding of product development in the process of operation and maintenance. However, the disadvantage is that you may have limited help to improve your own technology. Learning Python at this time is more about moving from operation and maintenance to development, which is also a new plan for your career;

4. Engaged in web full stack development

In the past, Java was the protagonist for web development, but now more and more web developers are beginning to favor Python. The reason is actually because of the increasing amount of network data and the popularity of artificial intelligence, so proficient in Python language is essential for engaging in full-stack web development Will have a positive impact.

Once you have the necessary conditions to learn Python, you can start to learn systematically in stages and steps

1. 1. learn Linux well

Linux is an operating platform that developers must master. On this platform, whether it is developing web projects, running SQL databases or deploying crawlers, big data analysis, and AI development, it can be implemented well;

2. Master the basics of Python

As a programming language learning, it can be roughly divided into several parts: programming syntax, object-oriented programming ideas, commonly used design patterns, and commonly used sorting algorithms. There are many expansions of these contents, and I will not repeat them here;

3. Master database SQL

The content includes the design of relational database tables, additions, deletions, and changes, as well as the writing of SQL statements, the usage scenarios and design difficulties of SQL and NoSQL databases, and the connection of Python to the database;

4. Familiar with some front-end knowledge

Mainly HTML, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks, understand popular web page styles and special effects;

5. Understand web full-stack development

Remind everyone that the key is to master the Django framework to understand how to develop a complete enterprise-level website;

6. Master artificial intelligence (crawler and search)

The content includes the usage of the HTTP debugger, indexing and searching the data captured by the crawler, stand-alone or distributed indexing engine;

7. Master the preliminary analysis of big data

Content includes distributed file system HDFS, distributed resource management framework Yarn, building distributed message queue Kafka, distributed computing framework Spark;

8. Know the principles of machine learning

Establish machine learning ideas, commonly used machine learning algorithms, Python as a commonly used module for machine learning, and massive data based on distributed clusters to do machine learning commonly used frameworks, etc.;

9. Understand what deep learning is

This part is more cutting-edge, such as the deep learning framework TensorFlow and so on.

Having said so much, I still want to remind everyone of the two most important points:

1. students with poor English foundation should consider restoring your "morning reading system", because Python is also a programming language that is close to life, and it can't be done by memorizing a few common words. Of course, the professional vocabulary of programming must also be proficient, so that it will not be too embarrassing when learning and working in the future;

2. type more code! It is not enough to just read a book and understand the video. Without a certain amount of code as an accumulation, it is difficult to have a clear and smooth idea when doing a project.



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