WeChat Revision | Viewing the Conception Controversy between WeChat and Toutiao from the Opening Screen Animation

WeChat Revision | Viewing the Conception Controversy between WeChat and Toutiao from the Opening Screen Animation

On December 21st, WeChat released version 7.0 in the App Store. The opening animation at the first run was a swaying Gesang flower against a blue sky background. The picture is accompanied by copywriting: Because you see it, it exists. Zhang Xiaolong also posted a circle of friends, quoting Wang Yangming's sentence: When you haven't seen this flower, this flower and your heart are in silence; when you look at this flower, the color of this flower will become clear for a while.

What does Zhang Xiaolong's explanation of flowers mean? To understand the meaning of this sentence, one has to mention Wang Yangming and the Xinxue he founded.

Wang Yangming, formerly known as Wang Shouren, was born in Yuyao, Zhejiang. He lived in Yangmingdong in his later years, and he was called Mr. Yangming in the world. Wang Yangming was born in a scholarly family who has been officials for generations. He has received a good education since he was a child. In 1506, he offended Liu Jin, the great eunuch who was in power at the time, was accused of forty, and was demoted to Longchang, Guizhou as a post. In the deserted and crowded place, he calmed down and recalled the past. One midnight, Wang Yangming suddenly woke up from his dream and said: "I understand, the principle of being a saint should be obtained from the heart. I used to be obsessed with doing things in deduction. What a big mistake!" Wang Yangming's view is that knowing is doing, doing is knowing, knowing that has not done is not true knowing, knowing and doing are two sides of one, that is, knowing and doing are one. Wang Yangming called his own learning of the mind, the mind has a conscience, the principle of heaven is the human mind, and all learning can be found in the heart. Wang Yangming said that to conscience, conscience lies in our heart, just like the Dragon Field Enlightenment, when you have not seen the Dragon Field, the world is only a small circle around you, and when you come to the vast nature, your heart will also change. It has to be as vast as nature, and can see the truth of things more clearly.

One spring, Wang Yangming and his friends went to the mountains to play. My friend pointed to a flower among the rocks and said to Wang Yangming, you often say that there is no reason outside your heart, nothing outside your heart, everything in the world is in your heart and controlled by your heart. Look at this flower, it blooms in the mountains. Fall, can your heart control it? Could it be that your heart lets it open, and it opens; does your heart let it fall, and it falls?

Wang Yangming’s answer is very flavourful: “When you didn’t see this flower, this flower and your heart fell into silence. When you look at this flower, the color of this flower becomes clear for a while. You know that this flower is not outside your mind.

Wang Yangming’s answer in current words is:

When you don’t look at this flower, the flower is as silent as your heart, as if it has never existed; when you look at it, its color is clearly displayed in front of you at this time. You know that this flower does not exist independently of your consciousness.

When you don’t see this flower, it’s not that the flower does not exist, but that it exists in the first place, but it does not appear in your eyes and enters the consciousness of human beings. Therefore, "this flower and your heart are in silence." It will enter into the human consciousness, and the heart will have empathy for this flower, and it will exist in the human consciousness, so it is said that "this flower is not outside your heart".

Returning to the discussion of Gesanghua that appeared in the opening animation of the WeChat revision, Gesanghua is also called Gesang Meiduo. In Tibetan, Gesang represents good times and happiness. WeChat, as the nation’s largest social platform, carries too many emotions. Once upon a time, everyone shared the joys, sorrows, sorrows and frequent interactions with relatives and friends in the circle of friends. Now with the rise of algorithms and information flow, foreign objects drive people. All kinds of information fill people’s lives. The humanistic ideals revealed in Zhang Xiaolong’s product philosophy are WeChat as a “flower” that allows people to “see” and connect. "Flower" also reminds people not to forget to communicate with family and friends, which is the meaning of social products.

Thinking about the "meaning of flowers" from the design of WeChat products, this revision of WeChat changed the "Like" of the official account article to "Good-looking". When you click on "Good-looking", the article will be shared to take a look, and the headline The difference is that while recommending algorithms, people are also involved in the distribution of content. At the bottom of the article we look at, we can see which friends say "good-looking" and their messages, our common hobbies, our values, Our hearts are connected by the "flower" of the article.

Because you see it, it exists. May my article also become a "flower" in your heart!

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