What else can Python do besides crawling?

What else can Python do besides crawling?

Recently, many friends are still wondering where else Python can be applied besides crawlers. Then I will talk about the things I know that can be done with Python, so that you can discover more directions.

1. Reptile

I don't need to say more about this stuff. Many articles I shared recently are about Python crawlers. If you are interested in crawlers, you can check out the articles I wrote before. So 5000 words are omitted here.

2. Data analysis

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more irrational, always imposing their own ideas on others. "Feeling" will deceive people, but "data" will not. Data is a relatively real response. Turn on your mobile phone. , And see which application has the longest time. You said that you study every day, but when the phone reminds you that Douyin has been used for more than an hour, it is recommended to take a break. Yes, this is the simplest explanation for data analysis, and we pay more attention to it. For visual analysis through data, Python makes you more sensible and objective.

3. Machine learning

Isn't it all kinds of artificial intelligence now? Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. Its applications are too wide, such as natural language processing, search engines, various recognition technologies, data mining, and so on.

I don't need to say more about this difficulty. Don't touch it if you don't know the algorithm. One touch is a variety of Gaussian process regression, linear discriminant analysis, decision tree, linear regression...

4. APP development

Yes, python can develop applications for OS X, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms. If you are interested, you can use Python to develop your own App and then put it on the shelf.

5. Game development

It’s so cool to play games a lot. Have you ever thought about making a game for others? Pygame is a good Python library. The great thing about this library is that it is a free and open source Python language library. Games developed with it can run on almost all commonly used operating systems.

6. Automated script

It's cool to write automated scripts in Python. For those frequent, repetitive, and brainless operations, you can write a Python script yourself and let the computer do it for you, which can save you a lot of time. Others operate one file by one file, and execute one command by one command. Good for you, just one-click dry flip.

7. Website development

There are many web development using Python now, it is simple and efficient to develop, because Python also has frameworks related to website development, such as Flask, Django, Bottle. With them, whether you are developing a personal website or a corporate website, Python can do the job.

Ok, these are the more mainstream areas that I know of using Python to develop. I hope it will be helpful to you. See you again!

How do I determine my goals?

Learn to constantly tap your potential in life. We are all ordinary people, and we may not know where we have an advantage. Therefore, learn to find your own advantages in life, and choose a certain employment direction based on the advantages .

Don't go with the flow. Don't look at what people around you do, just do it yourself, maybe what others do is not suitable for you. The advantages of others may become your disadvantages. Therefore, be firm in your own ideas and let yourself know which aspects are suitable for you and you are competent.

Constantly trying may be your advantage. You don't know what suits you, so you have to be bold and brave to try. Find a unique advantage that can belong to you.

Firm your conviction. Once you have strengthened your beliefs, don't be disturbed by others' opinions or sarcasm or ridicule. The other person is not you. If you don't understand what you are thinking, you don't know where you started this matter. People who don’t know you are not qualified to comment on your affairs easily.

Don't be at a loss, don't think too much. Don't let too many things interfere with your belief in fighting. Dreams do not allow too many distracting thoughts. Those distracting thoughts will only make your heart more and more fragile. Consider it more for one person. In the end, it is yourself that hurts.

Choose your own learning method

Everyone has a method that suits them. Some people choose to study by themselves, some people choose to watch videos to learn, and some people choose to register for training courses. At this time, you have to think about it yourself. The biggest, I personally think it is the best to follow the training course. After all, there are many actual projects. We all learn software development know that actual projects are very important to learn a language well.

What are the misunderstandings of learning python

There are many misunderstandings in the specifics. I don’t need to write them out. What I tell you is generally a question of mentality. First of all, one thinks that he knows java and c++, and then I am very good at learning python, but you have to know Languages ​​have many similarities, but they are not universal, so you must learn them carefully. The other is that I don’t know English, so I want to learn English first before I learn python. It’s easy to find misunderstandings because you think about it and then learn.

How can I learn python well

To learn python well, you need a good environment, an experienced and responsible teacher. If you are a pure white without any programming foundation, the teacher is even more important to you. If you are self-study, it is very likely that a small technical point will not pass a month, and a word of the teacher will save you a lot of detours.

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