Why do some people say that Python is not easy to find a job?

Why do some people say that Python is not easy to find a job?

Python programming can be described as a C-bit debut in the past two years, attracting countless onlookers from outsiders in the programming circle. Some people want to take the opportunity to break through their professional bottleneck, some want to take the opportunity to break through their salary bottleneck, and some finally have the opportunity I changed my career to my favorite field, but after everyone was crazy about Python programming, some people said: Learning Python is a pit, and Python is not easy to find a job! This is undoubtedly like a splash of cold water, extinguishing luck and even hope, but Is this a personal problem, a Python programming language problem, or an environmental problem?

The editor read the recruitment notice, read everyone's complaints, and listened to their remarks, Python is not easy to find a job? Maybe the following content can answer your doubts!

On the path of pursuing Python programming, some people choose Python training courses, and everyone believes that the knowledge in Python training institutions is more systematic and comprehensive, and there are practical projects. Some teachers take it from zero to one and learn more planning. It is also more efficient. Everyone thinks that there is nothing wrong with this. This is also the advantage of training institutions, but if you put all your hopes on training institutions, you are wrong. We know that Python has many employment directions, such as crawlers and web , Big data, algorithms, artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc., which one do you want to do in-depth research and employment? Training institutions can get you started, but the in-depth content is limited by time, courses, students, etc. It is often limited, so it often cannot take you where you want to go. Good training institutions are divided into stages and various classes, and can take you to complete actual combat projects. Therefore, you must keep your eyes open when looking for training institutions. To actively explore, inquire, and learn. Recruiters want to use more than one person and find all-rounders. It is also based on expertise and comprehensiveness. Recruiting companies are often not favored by all kinds of people who don't make sense.

Some people choose to learn Python programming by themselves, watch videos, read books and read tutorials, one day or two days...3.months have passed, I have started, I can write simple programs, feel that I can find a job, and I have a result. Feng’s resume has fallen into disarray, complaining that Python is not easy to find a job! Why is this? One advantage of self-study is that you know the purpose of learning Python programming, and tend to be focused on the direction. The drawback is that self-study tends to have less practical experience. Insufficient project experience leads to limited problem-solving skills, and three months of zero-based self-learning Python programming and then looking for a job, the recruiter is estimated to be more skeptical, and brush off the resume!

Some people say that choosing Python training is not good, and self-learning Python is not good, so is it to find a Python boss to bring it? Is Python hot? Is it good to find a job when learning Python?

At present, there are many positions in Python, and many companies are also spending a lot of money to find suitable talents. You really have a chance to chase! According to the insufficiency of Python training and self-learning Python programming, the following suggestions are provided to you, which may be useful to you Helped!

1. Understand the various employment directions of Python, and then determine a direction for in-depth study;

2. Knowing yourself and your opponents is the only way to survive! You need to go to the recruitment website to see the job you want to find, look at the talent needs and various requirements indicators of the major companies that recruit such positions, and then learn, expand, and master by yourself ;

3. For Python programming technical positions, companies often value actual combat experience, so students who participate in training with zero foundation are undoubtedly better than self-taught students. Self-taught students must have more experience in actual combat projects;

4. There are many languages ​​in the programming field. In addition to Python, there are also java, C++, PHP, etc. They may cooperate with each other to produce wonderful results, and even avoid the defects of the language itself, so when it is possible, especially if there are certain Students of basic programming must pay attention to add points for themselves;

5. zero-based learning Python to find a job, especially non-programming non-985, 211 corporate recruiters may have low trust in your background, worry about your actual combat ability, expansion ability and learning ability, so we have to start from the resume to eliminate Their worries, fight for interview opportunities;

6. In the previous article, we also briefly mentioned the issue of resumes. For students who are not strong enough in our background, but have good basic learning and practical skills, we can attach our actual combat projects and even source code to each resume. Ordinary delivery channels are not easy to get a response, so can we not find it offline, or find someone to directly deliver it to the corresponding department to increase our resume opening rate?

7. All of us are ready, and there is only the last interview. Don’t slack off, don’t pretend to understand, have an understanding of the company and position in advance, make a corresponding self-introduction, and write on your resume before the interview. Be familiar with the content and expand every point mentioned on the resume as much as possible. If possible, let the interviewer follow your ideas, so that you can avoid the embarrassment of being asked!

You still need to be hard at ironing. It is not that learning Python is difficult to find or finding a job, but that there are still many deficiencies in yourself! Come on, you can!

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