Workplace Office|I don't know how to screen advanced

Workplace Office|I don't know how to screen advanced

Problem Description

In order to distribute tasks to colleagues, it is necessary to filter out the image data according to the protected areas assigned by colleagues, and finally send the images to colleagues.

I thought of the screening function the first time, but through ordinary screening, you need to check the protection areas one by one. When the protection area and colleagues have a lot of tasks, you have to look blind.

Advanced screening

Through advanced screening, it can be easily completed, the specific steps are as follows:

① Select the filter area and click the Advanced Filter Tool button.

② After confirming the condition area and copy location, you can filter out the data.

Of course, advanced screening can also target multiple conditions~

Python implementation

Of course, for me who like to toss, I need to see how Python implements this similar function.

① 1. I store the task in a separate table and read the data.

import pandas as pd

data = pd.read_excel('test.xlsx',sheetname='data')
task = pd.read_excel('test.xlsx',sheetname='task')

② Through the isin method in Boolean operation, we can easily get the data we want.

data[data['Involved in the protected area'].isin(task['Involved in the protected area'])]
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