Should Python training choose online or offline?

Should Python training choose online or offline?


Python is very popular now, with simple syntax and powerful functions. Many students want to learn Python! So the little ones have prepared high-value Python learning video tutorials and related electronic books for everyone. Welcome to receive them!

Friends who want to learn Python will definitely have the question of whether Python training should be online or offline. Today I will tell you about it.

1. let's take a look at online training. Online training only emerged with the development of the Internet. Simply put, it is to teach in the form of watching videos on the computer. The teacher will explain the knowledge points to you by way of video teaching training. This also means that you can use electronic products to learn anytime, anywhere, which is a very big advantage of online training. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two training methods, I have made a brief summary:

Python online training

1. It saves us the burden and expense of traveling to different places or provinces to attend classes.

2. The study time is long, at least one year of study. But for students who don’t want such a long study time, online is more suitable.

3. So that people of different foundations and stages can enjoy the same education. Avoid the phenomenon of being eliminated if the foundation is poor.

4. Online fees are cheaper than offline, and the content of learning is the same

Python offline training

We have already understood the model of online training, so let's take a look at offline training. In fact, I don't say that everyone knows that offline training is actually the same as we have been studying in school. They all study together in the same classroom.

The advantage is that it is better for everyone to study together, which is helpful to the learning of Python

The disadvantage is that there are a lot of people in the class, and it is impossible for the teacher to take care of every student in every possible way.

Regardless of self-study or training, my personal opinion:

First of all, you have to face a problem squarely. Training does not mean that you have a job. Training is just a place where you have better conditions to learn. Therefore, those who go to the training should calm down. If you understand, you are "learning" rather than completing a task. Learning is always your own business. Don’t rely on others. Whether it’s training or self-study, you need to take the initiative to learn. The final result often depends on the usual training results. Athletes are like this. Who trains hard? , Whoever wins in the end. Usually develop good study habits, you can learn everything better

For those of you who want to participate in Python training, I hope my suggestions can bring you some help.

What can you do after learning Python:

First: Python web development

After learning Python, you can do web development, because there are relatively few people learning Python in China, but very many recruiting Python. So Python web is a very choice direction.

Second: Operation and maintenance

I now know that many people have not learned Python for operation and maintenance, but the value that Python brings to operation and maintenance is very great. In many cases, I feel that these people who have not learned Python will be eliminated sooner or later.

Third: data analysis

No matter what industry they are in, people who do data analysis seem to be inseparable from Python, because Python brings them great work efficiency.

Fourth: automated testing

It seems that Python can satisfy everything about automation, and Python can satisfy most automation tasks and improve work efficiency.

Fifth: Artificial Intelligence

The next era is the era of artificial intelligence. Many people are paying attention, and our Python can also do artificial intelligence. This is a choice with the greatest potential, so learning Python can't be wrong.

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