0Basic entry to learn Python development, what software is good?

0Basic entry to learn Python development, what software is good?

As the saying goes: "If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen your tools." For beginners, to learn Python well, in addition to hard work, you also need a handy weapon. A good IDE will help you write Python programs conveniently and make your programming more comfortable. So, what software is good for those who are just getting started to learn Python? The following teacher will introduce you to the top ten commonly used Python development tools.

1. Micro Python

Micro Python is based on ANSI C, the syntax is basically the same as Pyton 3, and it has its own parser, compiler, virtual machine and class library. Currently supports 32-bit-based ARM processors, such as STM32F405.

With it, users can completely access and control the underlying hardware through the Python scripting language, such as controlling LED bulbs, LCD displays, reading voltage, controlling motors, accessing SD cards, etc.

2. PyCharm

It is a Python IDE created by JetBrains for the functions of general IDEs. For example, debugging, syntax highlighting, project management, code jumps, smart prompts, automatic completion, unit testing, version control...

In addition, PyCharm also provides some good features for Django development, and supports Google App Engine. What's cooler is that PyCharm supports IronPython!

3. Eclipse

It is a famous cross-platform free integrated development environment (IDE). Initially it was mainly used for Java language development, but some people also use plug-ins to make it as a development tool for other computer languages ​​such as C++ and Python.

4. Spyder

Its predecessor is Pydee, which is a powerful interactive Python language development environment that provides advanced code editing, interactive testing, debugging and other features, and supports Windows, Linux and OS X systems.

5. Codimension

It is a Python integrated development environment that provides functions including code editing and chart-based code analysis.


PTVS (Python Tools for Visual Studio) is an open source project, released under the Apache 2.0 license. The main features of PTVS include: CPython, IronPython, Jython and PyPy; advanced editing functions such as IntelliSense; multiple refactoring; built-in REPL (read-eval-print loop) window; debugging and analysis functions, and so on.

7. Rodeo

It is a data-centric Python integrated development environment based on a web browser.

8. QPython

It is a Python scripting engine that runs on Android. It integrates a Python interpreter, Console, editor and SL4A library. Allows you to run programs developed in Python language on Android devices. It is Python on Android!

In addition, it provides development tools that allow you to easily develop Python projects on your Android device.

9. NetBeans

It is an open-source software development integrated environment, an open framework, and an extensible development platform that can be used for the development of languages ​​such as Java, C/C++, PHP, etc. It is a development platform itself, and its functions can be extended through extension plug-ins.

It is a project created by Python developers for a better Hack Python. In addition, PyPy is more flexible than CPython, easy to use and experiment, to develop specific functions in different situations, and can be easily implemented.

What software is used to learn Python? The above 9 tools can fully meet your requirements. With good tools, of course, there must be systematic learning to learn Python better.

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