Obtained her personal information according to the WIFI of the neighbour's sister next door! Unlock her WIFI again!

Obtained her personal information according to the WIFI of the neighbour's sister next door! Unlock her WIFI again!

Today I found Python a very interesting place, hahaha! Cracking the wifi is usually done with a dictionary brute force, and it will be a long time to go. Today, the editor tells you how to get the user information of the neighbor lady next door, so that she can easily connect to her wifi! It's a very gentle kind!

With the continuous development of wireless networks, WIFI signals will be covered in almost all occasions, whether in public places or at home. As we all know, the current common authentication method for WIFI is wpa2. This authentication method is quite safe, but due to the randomness and inherent thinking when people set passwords, we can use the dictionary to brute force. Ordinary dictionaries are mostly full-coverage and summary, and may be useful for some weak passwords, but a 1g dictionary will take several hours to run even if it runs. So how to use the information of known target wifi users to generate a good dictionary?

2. look for wifi and specific information

First of all, the purpose of generating the dictionary is to crack the password, and if you want to crack the password, you have to find a wifi first. If you find your neighbor’s wifi, then the next thing to do is to collect information. For example: neighbor's name, birthday, job, wife's name, son's name, and birthday. The more information we obtain, the richer the generated password dictionary and the greater the possibility of cracking.

3. fill in the information file

After collecting the information, all you have to do is create a file.

The beautiful photo of the lady next door neighbor is attached! Haha, ready to add WeChat! Don't use it to do bad things! Otherwise, it would violate the original intention of the editor!

As shown in the figure, first create a file named information without suffix. The format is as follows, with ":" as the dividing line (English colon), the left side is the information name, and the right side is the specific content of the information. If the content is not clear, fill in no. Due to the code relationship, no less than 20 lines.

4. generate a dictionary

After the information file is created, a dictionary can be generated. Here I use python to complete this work. The generated algorithm strategy is as follows.

1. Those larger than 8 bits are directly reserved, and those smaller than 8 bits are discarded.

2. The information is combined with each other, and less than 8 bits are discarded.

3. For birthdays, extract the year, day, month, and other information combination, and discard if less than 8 digits.

4. All information less than 8 digits and short numbers (all permutations of 0-9) are combined to generate an 8-digit password.

5. All information is combined with short numbers within 9 digits such as (1233456789, 000000000).

6. All combinations are combined with special symbols, such as "#", "%", etc. The position of special characters can be the middle and the end of the beginning.

Next, use python to combine and process the information according to the above strategy. First store the information in a list.

For the convenience of reading, the first 20 information in the information file is very specific. The last three lines are supplements after line 20.

Then, put the short numbers and special symbols into the other two lists, the code is at the end. And combine with each other according to the strategy. Finally, a dictionary that meets our wishes is generated . Finally, attach the code~

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