Little white getting started with Python, remember these 5 points!

Little white getting started with Python, remember these 5 points!

How to quickly find the advanced path of Python for beginners? As an open source scripting programming language, Python is often used to develop various programs. With the popularity of artificial intelligence in recent years, Python was once sought after by many programmers and became the first choice for introductory programming language. Many people learn Python with zero foundation and lack of experience, so how to open Python correctly? This article teaches you how to quickly find a Python learning path.

In learning Python, you need to pay attention to the following five issues:

1. Programming thinking

To know that learning and using any programming language requires a good programming thinking, and the same is necessary for learning Python. Therefore, it is important to learn to invent and use programming thinking that suits you. It is recommended that you read more books about programming thinking, learn to use it flexibly, and constantly enrich yourself.

2. Annotation

For most programmers, comments are a necessary step in the handover of work, and everyone is very familiar with it. Speaking of the benefits of comments, the most direct convenience is to make people who read the code more intuitively understand the meaning of your programming, and allow the author of the code to better locate the code function. Moreover, Python is the same as other languages. Comments need to be commented where they need to exist, so that the efficiency of work can be doubled.

3. Indent

"Indentation", as a feature that distinguishes it from other programming languages, is very important in the Python programming process. In the Python code block, it is necessary to use the same number of indented spaces at the beginning of the line, otherwise it will cause a script operation error and prompt you with related information such as incorrect layout. Therefore, when writing scripts in Python, remember to ensure the consistency of indentation.

4. Space

Regarding the space, it is not a necessary part of the Python programming process. However, the method of insisting on separating functions or classes with spaces can make the code look clearer and clearer, so that it is more conducive to the later code protection and refactoring work.

5. Source code

As a completely open source programming language, Python is always free for anyone to read. This way of setting can better help people find more streamlined code, which is very time-saving. When the code is suitable for other situations, it can be copied directly or reused after simple modification, which is very labor-saving. Therefore, you can check the source code a lot, which not only allows you to learn from other people's programming methods, but also allows you to learn and improve your own programming methods and make great progress.

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