Python implementation to use the command line to watch Hupu live broadcast

Python implementation to use the command line to watch Hupu live broadcast


Chen Jian Dong , Python Chinese community columnist


As a JRs that has joined Hupu for 700 days, they have always been a fan of Hupu. I like to go shopping on the green street, oh no, it’s a pedestrian street; I like to read reviews, move small benches, and enjoy the performances of jokesmen. The front row occasionally sells melon seeds and popcorn; I like the live broadcast style of tigers, which is humorous and interesting. From time to time, golden sentences popped out, such as the last time James took a step backward, and the distance of the retreat reached Guo Jingming. The anchors are all writers who are delayed by the tiger pounce, and there are often welfare pictures in the midfield between the festivals, and they need regular nutrition. After all, as the body twitched, the whole post became dull.

So, I had a bold idea

I usually like to toss things under the command line. Although I don't have money to use a Mac, it is also good under Windows/Linux. So I wanted to have a command-line version of Hupu text live broadcast, but I couldn't find the data of the mobile live broadcast, so I could only find the web version of the text live broadcast. It's a pity, because I found that the web version of the live broadcast language is too formal, and it's not like the Hupu I know. Okay, my three-point sword is the flame of hell.

Time does not wait, roll up your sleeves and work hard after debugging and debugging, finally you can use it to watch the live broadcast

how to install

User guide hupu -h can view how to use, detail each parameter function

Obtain the live broadcast of the match hupu -l Query the live broadcast of the match on the day, and the result will return the match, including the opponents and the serial number of the match

Select the game to start live broadcast hupu -w Select a specific game according to the obtained field order number, such as 0 here

Does Alignment look comfortable? Is there any good news for OCD? ! ! Get game statistics

hupu -d also selects specific matches based on the obtained field order number

The data is also aligned and it looks very cool. ! ! If you don’t want to watch it, you can press Ctrl-C to interrupt the live broadcast, or just close the terminal.

Github address:

Reference: Python implementation to use the command line to watch Hupu live broadcast-Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud