Don't merge cells easily

Don't merge cells easily

Problem Description

In Excel data analysis, remember not to merge cells, which may cause some column problems such as inability to sort. For the sake of good-looking forms, I got into this kind of pit a few days before work. Then we take the following data as an example to see how to cancel the cell merge.

Python solution

① Use pandas to read data.

import pandas as pd

data = pd.read_excel('test.xlsx',sheetname='Sheet1',header=None)

We can see that merging cells is terrible. Reading with pandas, there will be missing values.

② Fill in missing values. Actually, we only need to fill in missing values ​​previously.

Excel solution

Programming can be done, but the conditions are too harsh.

  • Requires Python environment
  • There are too many processes for reading data-processing data-exporting data.

So we use Excel to solve it. At first, I thought that after canceling the cell merge, fill it manually, but when the amount of data is large, it is very troublesome. Next, we look at the simple way.

① Cancel the cell merge.

② Select the first column of data, use ctrl+g, and select a null value for the positioning condition.

③ Enter the formula =A1, and use the ctrl+enter key to complete.

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