How to learn python web development

How to learn python web development

1 Introduction

When I was not in the Internet industry, I was always curious about how the website was built. Although I am currently engaged in Internet-related work, I have never been exposed to things like Web development, but after all, I still need to have an interest, and I have to do it myself. There are many ways to develop Web, such as traditional .Net, and Java.

As a flexible and easy-to-learn scripting language, Python has become more and more popular and popular among programmers, and has even become a necessary skill for programmers. Django is Python's open web framework. Many people say that learning Python is learning Django. From here, we can see the power of Django. Hope to learn and discuss together with the vast number of bloggers.

2. What is web development?

Web front-end development engineer, whose main responsibility is to develop client products using various Web technologies such as [(X)HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Flash]. Complete the development of the client program (that is, the browser side), develop JavaScript and Flash modules, and combine the background development technology to simulate the overall effect, carry out rich Internet Web development, and strive to improve the user experience through technology.

Provide a first-class web interface for the products and services on the website, optimize the code and maintain good compatibility.

Web front-end development engineer-web front-end presentation layer and architecture design and development of interaction with front-end and back-end in web2.0 era Cooperate with back-end developers to implement product interfaces and functions. Use various Web technologies to simulate and develop product prototypes.

Web new technology research and information collation

Proficient in HTML/XHTML, CSS, familiar with page structure and layout, in-depth understanding of Web standards and tag semantics, familiar with front-end technologies such as Ajax, JavaScript (or ActionScript), and DOM, and master of object-oriented programming

The Web is used to represent the resources on the Internet host for external access. In English, web means web pages, and web pages are also collectively referred to as web resources. Web resources on the Internet for external access are mainly divided into the following two categories:

  • Static web resources: refers to the data in web pages for people to browse is always the same, for example, html pages;
  • Dynamic web resources: It means that the data in the web page for people to browse is generated by the program, and the content seen by visiting the web page at different time points is different.

Microsoft's definition of it: Web development is a broad term referring to the process of writing web pages or websites. These pages may be simple text and graphics similar to documents. The page can also be interactive or display changing information. Writing interactive server pages is slightly more complicated, but you can achieve a richer website. Most pages today are interactive and provide modern online services such as shopping carts, dynamic visualizations and even complex social networks.

In layman's terms: web development is what we often say to make a website. It is divided into a web page part and a logic part, which is what we often call the foreground and background. The foreground is responsible for interacting with users and displaying data. Use HTML to display data, CSS to control styles, and JS to compile complex interactions. The backend is used to write programs that process these logics, which can be written in languages ​​such as python, java, php, and C#.

Choose your own learning method

Everyone has a method that suits them. Some people choose to study by themselves, some people choose to watch videos to learn, and some people choose to register for training courses. At this time, you have to think carefully about the right kind of help. The biggest, I personally think that it is best to have someone over here to take you. After all, they have a lot of experience in actual combat projects. All of us who learn software development know that actual combat projects are very important to learn a language well.

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