Python beginners must see the learning road map!

Python beginners must see the learning road map!

Python should be one of the most popular languages ​​in recent years. Many people who just learned Python don’t know how to learn, especially those who don’t have a programming foundation and want to work as a programmer. They must have this doubt, including I just learned In python, the direction of python learning is determined by searching for relevant information on the Internet and learning from school courses. In order to help young people who want to engage in python work, I put the general road map of python learning and the specific content that needs to be learned at each stage. They are all sorted out, hoping to help the zero-based Xiaobai avoid some detours.

The approximate stage of python learning roadmap:

1. Python basics:

2.python advanced programming:

3.Python full stack front end and back end:

4.Linux programming learning:

5.python big data, artificial intelligence learning:

The learning route should be a relatively systematic learning route. I hope it will be helpful to friends who have zero-based programming. If you learn all of these contents, you should be able to become a qualified python development engineer. The learning path is boring and boring. For these contents, you need partners who can make progress together, and hope that everyone can become the kind of boss you want to be.

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