Python data analyst development

Python data analyst development


Starting this week, Luo Luopan began to update the new series "Python Data Analyst Training Notes". This series will start from the perspective of Xiaobai, step by step advanced Python data analysis.

Learning path

In order to ensure that the content we have learned can be used for work, here I searched for the position of a data analyst on a recruitment website to see how the company's requirements are.

Here we put aside the academic requirements and business abilities, and add some knowledge points, and present all the requirements with a mind map.

Mathematical foundation: The main designs here are algorithms, statistics, high numbers, line generation and probability theory. A large part of this content is related to machine learning, and a good data analyst needs to have a good mathematical foundation.

SQL: SQL is a must-have skill for every data analyst. Now that the data is stored in the database, we need to be proficient in the operation of adding, deleting, modifying and checking the database.

Python: Here we will start with the basic syntax and let readers learn Python step by step to do data analysis.

Big data processing: Now is the era of big data, and it is necessary to master several commonly used distributed computing platforms.

Update order

Luo Luopan will start with Python first. My experience is limited, and I hope you can point out more of my shortcomings.

Reference: Python Data Analyst Development Note-Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud