There is absolutely nothing wrong with Python going in this direction

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Python going in this direction

The popularity of Python has skyrocketed in recent years, and of course more and more people are learning. In the early stage of learning, some students who learn Python always hope to get a Python learning roadmap. The editor has compiled a Python learning roadmap for everyone through various summaries.

For a zero-based friend who wants to learn python, the learning method is very important. The learning method is not right, and the hard work is in vain. There must be a correct learning route and method.

Python learning route 1: Python basics

Required knowledge: [Linux basics] [Python basic syntax] [Python string] [File operation] [Exception handling] [Python object-oriented] [Project actual combat]

Route explanation: This route is gradual, scientific and reasonable, and helps learners establish correct programming ideas and possess basic programming skills;

Python learning route 2: Python advanced programming

Required knowledge: [Python platform migration to Linux] [Python commonly used third-party libraries] [Python advanced syntax] [Python regular expressions] [Network programming] [System programming] [Data structure and algorithm] [Project actual combat]

Route explanation: This route emphasizes the learning of data structures and algorithms, and focuses on improving the learners' core programming skills; enables learners to master advanced Python usage and network-related knowledge, and can independently undertake Python network-related development;

Python learning route three: web front-end development

Required Knowledge: [HTML] [CSS] [UI Basics] [JavaScript] [DOM] [Events] [jQuery] [Mixed Development] [Project Actual Combat]

Route explanation: enable learners to master the relevant knowledge of web front-end development and build high-quality websites at work;

Python learning route 4: back-end development

Required knowledge: [Linux website configuration] [git project management] [Python framework Django] [flask framework] [Interface development] [Database MySQL, MongoDB, Redis development]

Route explanation: master the use of the framework, master database principles and related optimization;

Python learning route five: crawler development

Required knowledge: [principle of crawler development] [requests+beautifulsoup4 static web page analysis] [selenium dynamic web page analysis] [scrapy framework] [distributed crawler system] [project actual combat]

Route explanation: enable learners to master the working principle of crawlers, independently undertake crawler-related work, and independently design and implement distributed crawler frameworks;

Python Learning Route 6: Artificial Intelligence

Required knowledge: [Data analysis] [Data visualization] [Machine learning theory and practice] [TensorFlow image combat] [Project actual combat Python artificial intelligence project]

Route explanation: pay equal attention to theory and practice, strengthen theoretical explanation, understand machine learning principles, and have a more systematic and complete understanding of the entire Python learning process.

For small partners who want to engage in the python industry, they must be clear about their future career plans and employment directions.

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