5 recommended development tools for Python programmers to use frequently

5 recommended development tools for Python programmers to use frequently

1. The strongest terminal: Upterm

Originally I wanted to recommend fish or zsh, but in fact, I mainly wanted to auto-complete this feature. The Upterm used recently is actually very simple and easy to use. It is a full-platform terminal, which can be said to be an IDE in the terminal, with a powerful auto-completion function. The previous name was BlackWindow. Someone told him that this name was not good for community promotion. After the name was changed to Upterm, it is now 17000+ Star.

2. Interactive interpreter: Ptpython

An interactive Python interpreter. Supports syntax highlighting, prompts and even vim and emacs typing modes. In fact, the online terminal we provided in the course also has ptpython built in.

3. package management essential: Anaconda

Anaconda is highly recommended, it can help you install a lot of troublesome things, including: Python environment, pip package management tool, commonly used libraries, configuration environment path and so on. If Xiaobai does these things one by one, he will easily encounter various problems and bring frustration. If you want to use Python for data matters, just install it. It even developed a set of JIT interpreter Numba. So after Anaconda has JIT, things that require higher efficiency of online scientific computing can also be done.

4. Editor: Sublime3

For Xiaobai, of course, I recommend starting with PyCharm, but sometimes I want to use a lighter tool to write some lightweight scripts. Sublime3 has been greatly improved in many areas, and it is easier to use than before. With the installation of Anaconda or CodeIntel plug-ins, Sublime can have an almost IDE experience.

5. Front-end online editor: CodeSandbox

Although this is not a Python development tool in the true sense, if the back-end engineer wants to write the front-end, this online editor is too convenient, and it saves the life of the back-end engineer! There is no need to install thousands of packages of npm, it has been completed in the cloud, so you can directly write the code and see the effect. Support for mainstream front-end frameworks such as React and Vue. It is a supplementary recommendation.

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