A list of must-read books to learn Python

A list of must-read books to learn Python

What book to learn Python?

This is the most puzzled question for friends who are new to Python.

Today I will talk about how to get started with Python based on my learning journey when I started. In order to be more convincing, here I have summarized the list of books recommended by some big guys I have read when I started, and finally give me what I think A good book list to help you quickly find the right book for you.

Here is a list of books recommended by 5 big guys. In addition to the introductory book, it also includes data analysis, data mining, machine learning, etc. It can be said to be very comprehensive.

▌Liu Zhijun (Author of Python Zen)

Liu Zhijun is an out-and-out Python boss. The Python articles on his blog can be traced back to 2013.

▌leoxin (a rookie Python author)

Ge Xin crawled and analyzed more than 1,000 books related to Douban Python, found the most popular books from all angles, and then gave his own recommendations.

▌Liu Shunxiang (data analysis 1480 author)

Liu Shunxiang’s official account has a lot of dry goods, and he learned a lot when he started.

▌Qin Lu (become the author of the data analyst course in seven weeks)

The course of "Becoming a Data Analyst in 7.Weeks" offered by Dalu Qinlu in Tianshan Intelligent is very comprehensive, and his recommendation is very worthy of reference.

▌Wang Dawei (author of Python lovers)

The article written by Dawei Wang is very interesting. After reading several of his articles about classes, I thoroughly understood what classes are all about.

The above is the recommendation of 5 big guys, I think you probably have a score in your heart, let's talk about some books I have read below.

▌Which books I have read

Since I have a zero programming foundation before, I don’t know how to play helloworld. I think it’s better to start with a crawler on Zhihu.com, because the basic crawler is simpler than data analysis, the learning curve is not steep, and the crawler is more interesting. If you write it out, others are more willing to read it, and further understand that the initial crawler learning mainly learns a few crawler libraries, web page analysis and extraction libraries, and frameworks. This will narrow the scope of book selection and content.

So far, I chose the route of "Python Basics-Crawlers-Data Analysis" .

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