The fourth phase of the Python crawler team recruits external and internal reasons

The fourth phase of the Python crawler team recruits external and internal reasons

The era of product operations has arrived

When the boss was about to start online training, he said that he hoped to operate this training as a product, and this event finally kicked off in the fourth phase. Now there are professional promotion and operation people, with our own logo, and of course, we also have technicians who accompany you in the past (hehehe, it means a wave of praise). I have not always understood the product operation very well, but a product can go to the market and be successful because of the simplest two reasons, which is what the history teacher said: external and internal reasons.

External cause

With a market and a consumer group, this thing can go on.

  • More and more users

It can be seen in the picture that the Python language ranks fifth, and the current market research knows that Python is already among the best in the field of big data. Why do you have to show the rankings for every promotion? Only real data can let everyone Know how big the market is for Python.

  • The market tells us that entrepreneurs should go wherever they are valuable. Before saying what is the most valuable, first talk about what is the least valuable. What is the least valuable? Answer: Data. In the Internet age, data is redundant and information explodes. What is the most valuable? Answer: Data analysis. As the very beginning of data analysis, data collection is also very important. Here is the reason why crawlers are getting more and more popular.
  • In the Internet age, more and more people like online training nowadays. Although offline training is good, it is greatly affected by location and time, and the price is not cheap. Online training has overcome these problems very well.

Internal cause

As the saying goes: It is hard to strike iron by yourself, there are good opportunities, and it is not feasible without the ability.

  • Excellent operation This time the boss has hired a professional operation team. The boss is also starting a business, and the operation is not a problem.
  • There were no videos recorded in the first few sessions of the video course, and many Q&A live broadcasts were made. Now it is different. The video recording has been completed. The four sessions will have complete video content. The live Q&A will not be removed, and the two-pronged approach.
  • The answering staff is responsible, funny, jokes answering staff, I won’t say more here, just hook up~

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