Use Python to crawl down all the girls on a certain website!

Use Python to crawl down all the girls on a certain website!

The name of this website is goddess. The goddesses in it are very beautiful and sexy, so today I use this website as an example.

Ok, let's go directly to what everyone needs most:

In the system environment, Windows can be used

Just install Python and pycharm. If you don’t have the software, you can privately write to the editor, as well as basic learning videos, etc.~ After the software is installed, enter cmd in the pop-up running window and press Enter to enter the cmd management interface. enter:

pip install (add the following libraries to install one by one)

requests, re, os, pymongo, Beatifulsoup, time

For example: pip install requests

After the installation is complete, you can start!

Look at the code:

The most important thing is to analyze the website:

After obtaining the image link, you only need to save the response.content of the accessed image link to download and save the image. Create folders through the os library and save them in categories. Then set the format and save to the MONGODB database

Everyone, go and give it a try!

Reference: Use Python to crawl all the girls on a website! -Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud