python learning tutorial, 12306 train ticket grabbing system

python learning tutorial, 12306 train ticket grabbing system

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import urllib.request as request

    import http.cookiejar as cookiejar

    import re

    import os

    import smtplib

    from email.mime.text import MIMEText

    import time

    user ='' #Login mailbox

    pwd =''#Mailbox password

    to = [''] #Sent mailbox

    with open('D:\Python source code\city.txt','r') as f:

       a =

    station = re.compile(u'\w+:(.+?):(\w+):\d').findall(a)

    dic1 = {}

    for b in range(0, len(station)):

        dic1[station[b][0]] = station[b][1]

    def gethtml(geturl):

        cj = cookiejar.LWPCookieJar()

        cookiejarsupport = request.HTTPCookieProcessor(cj)

        opener = request.build_opener(cookiejarsupport,request.HTTPHandler)

        headers = {

            'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/39.0.2171.99 Safari/537.36',





        req = request.Request(url=geturl, headers=headers)

        html = request.urlopen(req).read().decode()

        return html

    def getstation(html):

        fromstation = re.compile(r'from_station_name":"(.+?)","').findall(html)

        tostation = re.compile(r'to_station_name":"(.+?)",').findall(html)

        startime = re.compile(r'"start_time":"(.+?)"').findall(html)

        arrtime = re.compile(r'arrive_time":"(.+?)"').findall(html)

        lishi = re.compile(r'"lishi":"(.+?)",').findall(html)

        webbuy = re.compile(r'"canWebBuy":"(.+?)').findall(html)

        startstation = re.compile(r'start_station_name":"(.+?)"').findall(html)

        endstation = re.compile(r'end_station_name":"(.+?)"').findall(html)

        ruanwo = re.compile((r'"rw_num":"(.+?)",')).findall(html)

        ruanzuo = re.compile((r'"rz_num":"(.+?)"')).findall(html)

        yingwo = re.compile(r'"yw_num":"(.+?)"').findall(html)

        ruanzuo = re.compile(r'"rz_num":"(.+?)"').findall(html)

        yingzuo = re.compile(r'"yz_num":"(.+?)"').findall(html)

        wuzuo = re.compile(r'"wz_num":"(.+?)"').findall(html)

        checi = re.compile(r'station_train_code":"(.+?)"').findall(html)

        datanum = re.compile((r'day_difference":"(.+?)"')).findall(html)

        erdengzuo = re.compile(r'ze_num":"(.+?)",').findall(html)

        num = range(0, len(yingwo))

        for i in num:


                if int(yingzuo[i]) != 0 or int(erdengzuo[i]) != 0 or int(wuzuo[i] !=0): #Z108

                    print(checi[i],'Second-class seat:', erdengzuo[i],'Hard seat:', yingzuo[i],' No seat:',wuzuo[i])

                    if yingwo[i] !='--' or yingzuo[i] !='None':

                        msg=MIMEText('Train:'+fromstation[i]+' ->'+tostation[i] +'('+ checi[i]+')\nSecond-class seat:'+erdengzuo[i]+'张; Hard seat:'+ yingzuo[i]+' Zhang; No seat:'+wuzuo[i]+'Zhang! Buy it soon!\nURL:' )

                        msg['Subject'] ='There are tickets! '

                        msg['From'] = user

                        msg['To'] =','.join(to)

                        s = smtplib.SMTP('', timeout = 30) #Connect SMTP port

                        s.login(user,pwd)#Login to the server



                        print('Send successfully')

                        print('----------------------------------------------- -------------')



By:Wang Xiaotao_Classmate 
-------------------------------------------------- ------------ 
-------------------------------------------------- ------------ 
print ('Please enter the type of ticket purchase: (0 is adult ticket and the other is student ticket)')  
leixing = input()  
print('Please enter the starting point:')  
qidian = input()  
    if dic1[qidian]:  
        qidian = dic1[qidian]  
    print('The starting point is entered incorrectly!')  
print('Please enter the end point:')  
zhongdian = input()  
    if dic1[zhongdian]:  
        zhongdian = dic1[zhongdian]  
    print('The end point is entered incorrectly!')  
print('Please enter the year of ticket purchase:')  
year = input()+'-'  
print('Please enter the month of ticket purchase: (2 digits)')  
month = input()+'-'  
print('Please enter the date of purchase: (2 digits)')  
date = input()  
date = year + month + date  

if leixing == 0:  
   geturl =''+date+'&from_station='+qidian+'&to_station='+ zhongdian  
    geturl =''+date+'&from_station='+qidian+'&to_station='+ zhongdian  
while 1:  
    print('Train ticket monitoring...')  
    time.sleep(300) </pre>



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