How can I learn Python well? Here are the answers you most want to know

How can I learn Python well? Here are the answers you most want to know


Python is very popular now, with simple syntax and powerful functions. Many students want to learn Python! So the little ones have prepared high-value Python learning video tutorials and related electronic books for everyone. Welcome to receive them!

1. the most wanted question about Python

1. What kind of language is Python?

Python is a computer programming language. You may have heard of many popular programming languages, such as the very difficult C language, the very popular Java language, the Basic language for beginners, the Java language for web programming, etc. Python is one of them. However, different programming languages ​​do the same thing, and the amount of code written varies greatly. For example, to complete the same task, C language needs to write 1000 lines of code, Java only needs to write 100 lines, and Python may only need 20 lines. 2. What can be done with Python?

You can do daily tasks, such as automatically backing up your MP3; you can do websites, many famous websites like Zhihu, YouTube, and Douban are written in Python; you can do online games, and many online games are developed in Python. Such as the glory of the king. Others such as operation and maintenance, web development, application development, big data, data mining, scientific computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language can also write very long and very long...In short, there are many capable things, but Python There are also things that cannot be done, such as writing operating systems, which can only be written in C; writing mobile applications, only Objective-C (for iPhone) and Java (for Android); writing 3D games, it is best to use C or C++ .

3. Is it difficult to learn Python?

Python is a high-level language, so the lower-level programs are harder to learn, and the higher-level programs are simpler? On the surface it is like this. However, high-level Python programming is also very difficult to learn, so high-level programming language does not mean simple. But for beginners and completing common tasks, the Python language is very simple and easy to use. If you are a software engineer like the original poster, it should be relatively easy to master.

4. How to choose to learn Python?

I have seen many people around me who want to learn Python. They all heard that the Python language is very popular now, and they want to learn it but have no way to start. I searched it on the Internet and struggled with the learning version 2.X or 3.X! In fact, there is no need to entangle at all, because although there are various incompatibilities between the two versions of Python, the syntax and writing ideas are similar. Of course, technology is constantly innovating, and version 3.X is more marketable than version 2.X. The Shanghai Shangxuetang Python training course is currently set up around Python 3.5 version 2. Of course, learn the latest Python technology. In fact, as long as you are willing to calm down and learn carefully, you will be able to master Python technology easily.

2. How can I learn Python well?

Why do a large number of people finally stop learning Python?

1. Can't find suitable and enough time every day

Some people say, "Hey, I don't have time to study." You may have a part-time or a full-time job, or you may want to take care of your children at home. Some people say: "If you are willing to work hard, you can always find time." To be honest, I agree. So the question is, how much time is appropriate for studying every day? I think only you know this problem. You can study for 15 minutes a day, or you can study for 8 hours a day. The bottom line is this: It's not about making rapid progress one day, but making progress gradually every day.

2. Find a balance between "not making great progress" and "exhausted"

People always say that Python is simple and easy to learn, but if you want to learn well, it is not easy to learn. You need to concentrate—especially when you are learning new things. This is a mental burden, and sometimes you can’t figure out why the code you wrote didn’t work, or why it worked.

3. Love Python

Although it sounds old-fashioned, it is true. No matter what the reason drove you to learn Python, you should find a way to "fall in love" with Python, because in this way it will become your strongest motivation to learn.

4. Don't "learn for the sake of learning", go to interviews, practice, and work

Don't fall into the misunderstanding of "I'm studying, this is good enough, when I'm ready, I'll look for work again". Frankly speaking, finding work is the most important thing we should do. You can contact potential customers, even if you are building a website for family and friends for free. Next time you go to an interview, you will be able to show what you have done, which will add luster to your resume. The first step is always the hardest, but you must take this step anyway. All these are the challenges you will face on your way to becoming a developer. Acknowledge them and face them with the right attitude-all challenges will only make you stronger and better.

5. Systematic learning will make you do more with less

Now that the Internet is very developed, it only takes a few minutes to find learning resources from dozens of gigabytes to hundreds of gigabytes when you send it to a Python beginner. Can these resources be learned? is that useful? The answer is yes and useful. But, can you become a Python developer just by mastering these basic knowledge? To be honest, it's hard! Enterprise actual combat projects are the core content. Only by doing more projects and accumulating experience can we make good use of in actual work.

6. Life is short, I learn Python

Finally, enjoy the process of learning Python, and enjoy what you are building, whether it is your project or your own future.

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