That's amazing! It only took more than 3 months to get started with Python

That's amazing! It only took more than 3 months to get started with Python

Recently, there has been such a Python project on the GitHub hot list, which claims to be "100 days from novice to master". The number of Stars currently exceeds 19,000.

The author lists some application areas of Python at the beginning

Author's project list

  • Day01~15-Python language foundation
  • Day16~20-Advanced Python language
  • Day21~30-Getting Started with Web Front End
  • Day31~35-Fun with Linux operating system
  • Day36~40-Database basics and advanced
  • Day41~55-Practical Django
  • Day56~60-Actual Combat Flask
  • Day61~65-Actual Tornado
  • Day66~75-crawler development
  • Day76~90-Data Processing and Machine Learning
  • Day91~100-team project development

The tutorial combines the current trends to introduce the latest technologies, including design patterns and exception handling, tank battles, core programming, jquery animation effects, Ajax asynchronous web requests, Django blog projects, Django mall projects, regular expressions, Python crawler basics, Python crawler Scrapy framework Wait.

Phase 1 python development foundation and core features

1. Variables and operators

2. Branches and loops

3. Loop and string

4. Lists and nested lists

5. Dictionary and project exercises

6. Use of functions

7. Recursion and file processing

8. Documents

9. Object Oriented

10. Design patterns and exception handling

11. Abnormalities and the use of modules

12. Tank battle

13. Core programming

14. Advanced features

15. Memory management

Phase 2 database and linux basics

1. Concurrent programming

2. Network communication



5. Regular expressions

The third stage web front-end development foundation

1.html basic tags

2.css style

3.css floating and positioning

4.js basics

5.js objects and functions

6.js timer and DOM

7.js event response

8. Use jquery

9.jquery animation effects

10. Ajax asynchronous network request

Phase 4 Python Web Framework Phase

1. Django-Git version control

2.Django-blog project

3.Django-Mall Project

4. Django model layer

5. Getting started with Django

6. Django template layer

7. Django view layer

8. Tornado framework

Phase 5 Python crawler actual development

1. Python crawler basics

2. Python crawler Scrapy framework

Reference: That's awesome! It only took more than 3 months for Python to become proficient