Easily master the five core knowledge points of Python in one month

Easily master the five core knowledge points of Python in one month

Python is a computer programming language. You may have heard of many popular programming languages, such as the very difficult C language, the very popular Java language, the Basic language for beginners, the JavaScript language for web programming and so on.

9.modules that must be experienced in learning Python

1. Basic knowledge of programming

Variables, data types, control statements, containers, functions, and file operations.

2. object-oriented programming

Python object-oriented mechanism, commonly used design patterns. Experience the advantages of object-oriented development through the tank battle game.

3. high concurrency programming

Use multi-process, multi-thread, and Python coroutines to solve the core problem that large Internet companies must face-high concurrency.

4. Mysql database

The necessary skills for programmers-database. Focus on mastering: database design ideas, SQL language.

Practical project: a music player that uses a database to store playlists

5. project actual combat

A music player project that uses a database to store playlists; an online shopping platform project of an e-commerce company; a tank battle game.

6. the basics of Linux environment programming

Linux and virtual machine environment configuration, Linux common commands, Linux user and permission management, Linux installation software.

7. Python memory management

Memory management, generators, functional programming, regular expressions.

8. Basics of web programming

HTML5, CSS styles, JavaScript, Jquery.

9. web crawler technology

Crawler introduction and common tools, common modules for crawler development, data extraction and verification code recognition, introduction and configuration of Scrapy framework, advanced Scrapy framework, crawler data storage, dynamic data capture, distributed crawler.

The most classic 6 stages

Phase 1: Getting Started with Python

This stage is the threshold to enter the "programmer", you need to learn the most basic knowledge of programming: variables, data types, control statements, containers, functions and file operations. Some interesting cases will be interspersed in the tutorial, which is entertaining and arouses everyone's interest. "Interest is always the best teacher, Gao Qi can only be ranked second." At the same time, we also go deep into the organization of the array structure to solidify everyone's basic skills.

The second stage: Python deepening and improving

At this stage, we will introduce the object-oriented mechanism of python, and learn some common design patterns, which are the necessary training to become a programming master. And through a tank battle game to actually experience the advantages of object-oriented development.

The third stage: Python network and concurrent programming

The problem of high concurrency in network programming is the core problem that large Internet companies must face. To solve high concurrency, multi-process and multi-thread can be used. There are also coroutines in python. High concurrency is related to the network. We will use the knowledge of concurrent programming we have learned to write different server models.

The fourth stage: the basics of database programming

Any enterprise-level project is inseparable from the database, and database knowledge is an essential skill for programmers. At this stage, we focus on mastering database design ideas and SQL language. This stage will mainly talk about the most commonly used database: Mysql. And at the end, I will take everyone to actually make a music player project that uses a database to store playlists.

The fifth stage: Python core features

At this stage, we will understand how python manages memory. Learning memory management will let us master the operating mechanism of python; and there are many features of functional programming in python, such as closures, decorators and generators, these are some Concepts that are difficult to grasp, but often encountered in interviews, so everyone must also grasp.

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