What exactly does Python learn? What aspects of technology should novices pay attention to?

What exactly does Python learn? What aspects of technology should novices pay attention to?

What do everyone use Python for?

Do website backend: There are a large number of mature frameworks, such as django, flask, bottle, tornado

Writing web crawlers: Python is very simple to write crawlers, and the library is very sound

Scientific Computing: Participate in the mathematical modeling contest, which can completely replace R language and MATLAB

Data Mining: Machine Learning: There are many machine learning packages for Python

Data Science: Recently Spark and Hadoop have opened Python interfaces, so it is very simple to use Python to do mapreduce for big data.

Automated operation and maintenance: scripts for system deployment and daily maintenance

See how powerful Python is. I have used Python to process some of the network data grabbing needed for work now. For a novice, what should be paid attention to when learning Python, and which are the key points. If you learn Python by yourself and find a development job, what should be the key points?

Let's analyze it in detail below.

Learn Python, what exactly do you learn?

1) If you want to learn Python to understand the programming language and make some practical gadgets to improve efficiency, the main content of learning should be Python network access (urllib, urllib2, requests), crawler-related libraries, regular expressions, BeautifulSoup, XPath, Excel, database MySQLdb module, etc., understand html web pages.

This knowledge is skillfully applied, and data is captured from the Internet and then analyzed and processed. There is no problem at all.

2) If you want to learn Python and find a job in development, then look at the requirements of the company's position.

  • 84 Python development positions require web development (back-end development) to account for 43.3% , of which 81 positions clearly require django
  • 118 positions have clear requirements for Linux, accounting for 60.8%, and 74 positions require Java development experience, accounting for 38.1%
  • 26 positions have requirements for PHP, accounting for 13%
  • 4 operation and maintenance positions, 3 test positions
  • There are 26 senior engineer positions, accounting for 13%
  • Work experience generally requires 2 years, and some positions explicitly require more than 2 years of Python experience.
  • 17 posts related to crawlers and data analysis, accounting for 8.7%


1. The Python language is very easy to use as a tool for improving efficiency at work.

2. If you don't have a programming language foundation and want to engage in development after learning Python, the requirements are high. The focus should be on web learning, framework (Flask, Django) learning, html, js are the basics. At the same time, to lay a good foundation for Linux, it is better to learn more about Java.

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